Dr. Roger Landry’s dynamic presentations teach us how to maximize our potential as we age – smashing the stereotypes society has about aging. His talks are a call to action: for each of us to recognize that we never should stop growing; and for organizations and communities to become places where older adults can reach their full potential by becoming centers for successful aging.

While Dr. Landry speaks on a wide range of topics, the core message is consistent: We can limit the time we are sick and impaired at any age, and it’s the choices we make every day – easy choices – that that allow us to do this. His presentations deliver this promising message of successful aging to older adults, adult children and their families, retirement community sponsors and board members, associates and operators, as well as to civic, military, philanthropic and professional organizations all across the country.

A preventive medicine physician and the award-winning author of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging, Dr. Landry is passionate about spreading the researched-based good news of aging in a better way. His “straight talk” presentations are optimistic, entertaining and enlightening. He will work with your meeting planners to deliver a message appropriate to your organization and to the audience.